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Pastor and Sis. Timothy Koonce
Pastor Koonce and His Wife
Pastor Tim Koonce and his wife Polly Ann Koonce came to Belvidere, IL in October of 2005 to pastor More To Life Ministries. Pastor Koonce was born in Vandalia, IL and lived in Mulberry Grove, IL where his dad was pastor until 1976. His family felt led of God to go to Mendota, IL to pastor a church there. Pastor Koonce grew up in a pastors home until the age of 20 and decided to move to Rockford, IL in the fall of 1986 for a job transfer. It wasn't long until he met his wife Polly Ann and they were married in 1987 and attended Silver Hill Pentecostal Church. In 1999 they felt the need to move closer to his work and they moved to Dekalb, IL and attended Dekalb United Pentecostal Church. During this time in Dekalb, IL...Pastor Koonce felt the call to minister the gospel and a few years later felt the call to accept pastor-ship of More To Life in Belvidere.
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